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SunShine Culture
Sunshine Culture

Core Value: People oriented, make workers happy
Sunshine paper’s core value is absorbing the essence of Benevolence, Love and Harmonious in National studies, taking the scientific development concept as the instruction and people oriented as the soul, insisting on making workers happy, treating workers as the host of the enterprise and maximizing the workers’ happiness index, seeking the greatest benefit for the workers, to make workers increasing the abilities and reap success while gaining the economic benefit.

Enterprise Spirit: Loyalty, Practicality, Innovation and Health
Loyalty is the basic requirement to each worker. It means that each worker should be loyal to the enterprise, don’t do anything harmful behavior to the enterprise and try the best to offer effects for the enterprise development. 

Practicality is the foundation of success in all field of our work. It means no false reputation, down-to-earth, start from the practice, giving real encouragement to do practical thins for the practical results.
Innovation is the soul of sunshine culture. It means dare to break the rules with innovation thinking and action, continue to carry out technical innovation, production innovation, process innovation, management innovation, mechanism innovation and business model innovation, always lead the trend of the times and keep vigorous life vitality.

Health is the precondition for the enterprise development. With the healthy enterprise culture to cultivate workers’ healthy attitude, healthy behavior and healthy body, it will promote the healthy development of the enterprise.

Enterprise Vision: Build the first packaging brand in China with Sunshine New Concept packaging solution.

Directed by creative design, backed by preprint and technical innovation, based on capital, equipment, top grade packaging paper capacity and user resource, safeguarded by Sunshine Industry Alliance, Sunshine New Concept packaging solution becomes a one-stop and personalized total packaging solution with high quality and efficiency, ranging from a papermaking, creative design, preprint, manufacturing to logistics. It makes the business model to be vertical integrated and creates greater value for the customers.

WORK STYLE: Vigorously and Speedily, Meticulosity

Vigorously and Speedily is a request in vertical. Keep vigorously and speedily on the enterprise decision, superior instruction and leadership deploy with executive force. 
Meticulosity is request in horizontal. Keep strict and conscientious in the working attitude. Strive for excellence. Speedily and effectively achieve the target.

Thought over ten years’ hard work, our management concept, management tool and management method are constantly accumulated and improved in practice, and then forms a basic management concept.

The management process, working standard, position description and so on must be consolidated in our actual management practice and really become our management asset.

At the site happened to make continues improvement
The answer is always at the site happened.
The key to management is doing rather than knowing.
Intensive cultivation production, exquisite carving R & D, pinch pennies operation, keep improving management
The true essence of management is keep communicating.

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